Mia Rosa was created by two women, my mother and me, and we want to go beyond us; we want to encourage other young women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. That’s why we started Fund Your Little Sister.

Young women are our daughters or nieces, cousins or friends, and more importantly, they are the future. At Mia Rosa we hope to guide and inspire them in their ambitions. Together we can achieve so much more and in a world where people step on each other and -especially- women, we create ladders; we support women empowerment.

Every year we offer women under the age of 18 a chance to enter our annual competition where she can win funds to help her with her business goals.

It begins with an application process which will open soon, and from there we will select a few candidates to be finalists at our summer event. These girls can pitch their projects just like on The Apprentice and the winner will win funds to start their venture. We stay with them throughout the process so they can experience what it’s like to take an idea and build it into a business, and thus help them decide how to develop their future.

And it’s all thanks to you! 5% of your Mia Rosa purchase will go towards supporting a young woman in her entrepreneurial goals. We don’t mean to jump-start a career or business, but if we do along the way, wouldn’t that be great? With your help we can offer a young woman a chance to define her own future.

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