We are millennial women’s office wear brand.


Mia Rosa, “my rose”, is our answer to femininity and quality in the everyday. We celebrate women and what it means to be a woman with our high quality, unique pieces that maintain feminine silhouettes.

Being feminine is not weakness, as has been depicted throughout history, it is beautiful and wild like a rose; from the office, to university lectures, to dinner parties Mia Rosa will remind you to embrace your feminine side no matter what.

We created Mia Rosa, for those women who work to improve themselves, who work to pursue their career and who love to support other women. So we always want you to be like a girl, work like a girl, and dress like a girl: strong, beautiful and free.


We are tired of seeing fashion brands that claim quality but don’t deliver on that promise. From underpaid labourers in appalling factory conditions to the pay gap between male and female workers, we fight to eradicate issues surrounding the fashion industry. Founded by women and run by women, Mia Rosa firmly believes in women empowerment, the fight against the wage-gap, and unfair standards in the workplace. We never have and never will underpay any of our employees; we believe that equality begins within us. 

We are also striving for sustainability. We are getting more sustainable with every collection! We are choosing more and more natural fabrics as we progress with our brand and we use cardboard boxes for shipping versus plastic bags.


You are like us, striving to make the world a better place with simple actions for life long results.